Expanding the bottle deposit law is a costly, inconvenient and ineffective method of improving New York’s environment. New Yorkers for Real Recycling Reform is a coalition of New York retailers, businesses and labor groups who are committed to supporting legislation which will improve our State’s recycling rate without raising consumer costs.

Governor Spitzer’s 2007 budget calls for expanding the bottle deposit law to include virtually all items in your grocer’s beverage aisle. At the same time, the Governor proposes to essentially remove the funding from the (now even larger) program and turn that (now increased) money over to the State. The end result to New Yorkers will be:

  • Increased beverage prices (an average of $.15 per container including the nickel deposit)
  • Increased inconvenience (New Yorkers will be forced to store hundreds of more dirty bottles and cans, haul them back to stores and wait in even longer lines to reclaim their deposits)
  • Minimal environmental benefits (expanding the bottle deposit law will only raise the State’s recycling rate two-tenths of one percent)